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"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven. On that day many will say to Me: 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name, and cast out demons in Your Name, and do many mighty works in Your Name?' And then will I declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me you evildoers" (Matthew 7:21-23).

There are some who say, 'Lord, Lord,' who will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

'Lord, Lord,' could signify a confession of the lips.
'Lord, Lord,' could signify a religious activity.
'Lord, Lord,' could signify a life sacrificed.

There could be the confession of the lips, activities of life, and sacrifice 'for the Lord' that mean nothing to God. The person who does them will all the same never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. A man is not to be judged as going to Heaven by the confession of his mouth, activities carried out, sacrifices made. Say it to all who call themselves after My Name. Tell them. Tell them. Tell them. Not every one who says to Me: 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the Kingdom, My Kingdom. There are hundreds of millions; there are hundreds of millions who have said, 'Lord, Lord,' and who say, 'Lord, Lord,' who shall nevertheless perish. They have said, 'Lord, Lord,' all their lives and even carried out many activities in My Name, but they shall not enter the Kingdom. They have put in time, money, things, effort, etc, into a variety of activities supposedly in My Name and for Me, but they shall not enter the Kingdom of My glory.

They shall not enter!
They shall not enter!!
They shall not enter!!!


(False Repentance)

They shall not enter because, first of all, I never knew them. They have never truly come to Me on My own conditions. They have never known true repentance. They have never known a total forsaking of the sins in their lives which they know about. They have never truly forsaken their sinful ways. They have never been broken-hearted, truly broken-hearted over their sins. They say they came to Me, but I do not know them! They say they came to Me, but how did they come? Was that coming to Me? They came with sins in their hearts. They came with sins in their motives. They came with sins in their thoughts. They came with sins in their words and actions. Yes, they came with sins and when I bid them abandon all the sins in their hearts, motives, thoughts, words, and actions; when I bid them abandon all at My feet, they thought they knew better. They thought they could leave some and keep some. They left some and they kept some. They abandoned some and decided that they would come to Me, that they would enter My narrow gate with some sins. In this way they deceived themselves. They never entered through My gate. They never entered My Kingdom. They never received Me. I never received them. They could not enter and I could not receive them while they kept some of their sinful ways. I could not receive them while they laboured to hide their sins from man and thought they could hide them from Me. I could not receive them while they stubbornly refused to let all sin go. I could not receive them while they remained workers of iniquity. I could not receive them on their own terms, on their own grounds, on their own conditions. I gave them My conditions. I showed them My nail-pierced hands. I showed them the crimson fountain. I bid them leave all their sin and all their sins there. I begged them, yet they would not listen. I sent them one message after another, but they would not listen. I spoke through many of My messengers, and these spoke through a variety of methods, yet they clung to their cherished sins. They clung to their cherished idols. They clung to the idols they had allowed into their hearts. They thought they could keep their sins and their idols and yet come to Me. I never received them; I could not receive them, yet they deceived themselves that they had become Mine. They kept their secret sins and they worshipped the idols on their hearts, and they confessed that they were saved. They loved the world and they loved the things of the world and they yearned, desired, laboured and burned, and were consumed with passion for what was of this world, yet they deceived themselves that they were citizens of My Kingdom and of the other world. They guarded their idols, defended them, justified their existence in their lives, and would not let them be touched. They would not abandon their sin in totality. They would not uproot the world from their hearts, and they would not let Me uproot it. They would not uproot the love of the world and the love of the things of the world from their hearts, and they stubbornly refused to let Me do it. I moved in on their behalf to hew down their idols, but they built walls of protest against Me and My servants. I gave them My Word. They heard it, but they would not obey it. They became judges of My Word. They decided that they would judge and decide what they were to obey and what they were to disobey. They rationalized what they decided not to obey and they eased their consciences. They chose to deceive themselves, and I allowed them to be deceived. Since I let them be what they wanted to be, they confessed that they were saved, but they abode in sin, in deliberate sin, more and more, I allowed them to rationalize their sin. Thus they hardened their hearts against Me and against the voices that spoke and wrote in My Name. They deadened their consciences. They became hypocrites. Truth became lacking. They talked about Me as though they knew Me and were walking with Me. They talked about Me although they were separated from Me. They talked about Me, yet they had never been joined to Me. I allowed them to be deceived to the extent to which they wanted to be. I let them have the desires of their hearts—deception, falsehood, pretence, hypocrisy and lying. They spoke of salvation while they were in the grip of sin, the world and the devil. They talked and sang of being free while they were bound by lust, greed, covetousness and the like.

In the darkness of their hearts, they had motives that I hate, but they would not abandon them. Rather, they justified them. They had thoughts that were contrary to My holiness, righteousness and glory, yet they mused in these thoughts and would neither hate nor abandon them. They spoke words of unrighteousness and evil, but they never stopped to think and to repent. They carried out deeds aimed at satisfying their idols, especially the idol of self. They worshipped and served the self in them, yet they did it 'in My Name.' They used My Name to pursue their selfish goals. They pursued their own goals and coloured them with My Name, but never gave a thought to the goal I had set for them. I never sent them, yet they went. They were separated from Me. They never knew Me indeed! They never knew Me, but they shouted, 'prayed', danced and did things in My Name and thought that they were doing them for Me. They continued in sin and they continued in the worship and adoration of the idol self, and yet they set up a variety of activities in My Name. They preferred those activities to true repentance.. They preferred those activities to coming to Me for cleansing, a new heart and a new spirit.


Because their hearts were inclined to falsehood, I let them have what they wanted. I let the enemy take over and deceive them so that they had a false assurance of salvation, while abiding in sin and in rebellion from My will and My way. As the enemy had them in his grip, they totally left Me aside and would not be bothered about My Word, My standards, My ways, My methods and My demands. They left Me aside, I the fountain of life. They made for themselves broken cisterns. They sought for tongues and interpretation of tongues, but did not bother about the Baptizer into the Holy Spirit. They sought for healings and miracles, even though they did not want to co-operate with Me so that the initial miracle of a radical new birth from above might take place in them. They sought for visions, dreams and prophecy, but they would not listen to My prophets who bid them repent. They sought all gifts except the gift that they needed the most—the spirit of repentance towards God and genuine faith in the Lord Jesus.

Because they would not separate themselves from the sin and the sins in their hearts; because they would not break down the idols they had allowed into their hearts and before whom they bowed in frequent adoration, I let them have their way so that they might be established in their chosen paths of deception. They therefore sinned, but their consciences did not bother them any more. They did the things that hurt their consciences in the past, but they were no longer disturbed. They knew the calm and the 'peace' that comes to those with whom My Spirit would wrestle no more. If they had wanted Me in truth and purity, they would have abandoned all their sin at My feet: they would have forsaken all the sin in their hearts and lives; they would have abandoned every impure motive, thought, word and deed. If they had been weak and unable, they would have let Me do it. However, their problem was not inability. They just did not want Me with all their hearts. That is why I gave them their desire. That is why I am giving them what they want, and that is why I will continue to give them what they want.


My Father's will!
My Father's will!!
My Father's will!!!

That is all that matters. My Father's will and not many songs; My Father's will and not many prayers; My Father's will and not many meetings; My Father's will and not much money from hearts that are living in deliberate sin; My Father's will and not large buildings and meeting places after My Name. I am not in them. I seek pure hearts as My dwelling place. The one thing that matters is My Father's will and not one man-made project after another. They talk of projects, projects, projects, but where is My Father's will? What has My Father conceived? Which of your activities is God-breathed?

Only those who seek, know and do My Father's will are Mine. All the rest are self-deceived. They are not Mine. They are on My enemy's side. They are serving My enemy, even though they think they are serving Me.

Their songs are against Me.
Their meetings are against Me.
Their plans are against Me.
Their sacrifices are against Me.

They may move to new lands and even suffer there, but all is against Me. They may go, but I am not sending them. I have never sent those who have never abandoned all sin. I have never sent lovers of the world. I have never sent any who can go without Me. I never send anyone who will produce people who are, by hypocrisy and deception, better fit for hell than they were before.

This is My Father's will for any who still care. It is simple. It is clear: Departure from all sin in motives. Departure from all sin in thought. Departure from all sin in word. Departure from all sin in action.

My Father's will, yes, His very will is separation from the lust of the eyes, separation from the lust of the flesh and separation from the pride of life. This is my Father's will that they come to Me and to Me only, that they receive My salvation in all its fullness, and that they receive my life and My Spirit. This is My Father's will—that they
seek Me,
find Me,
know Me, and
enjoy Me.

This is My Father's will that they find in Me all that they need and that they look nowhere else. This is My Father's will that they find all their satisfaction in Me, find Me to be their all-sufficient portion for now and for always.

This is My Father's will, that they seek His will in everything, small or big; that they never act without assurance that they are acting in the very centre of His will. This is My Father's will—that they consecrate themselves to His will and to His will only, and that after seeking and finding that will day by day and hour by hour, they do it at any cost to themselves.

This is the Father's will—that their joy be the Father and the Father's will. This is the Father's will—that those who are His, press on in His will with a real sense of urgency. My father is at the brink of winding up this era. All will soon be over. I am coming soon, very soon. I am even now at the door. It is a very, very late hour. It is very late and many, yes, multitudes will be taken unawares.

I am coming.
I am coming.
I am coming for My Bride.

She is without spot.
She is without wrinkle.
She is without blemish.

I am coming. I will take her and together We will sit on the throne and We shall reign.
He who is able to discern My voice, let him discern it.
He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.
He who wants to obey, let him obey.
He who wants to be Mine, let him be Mine.

Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum

This tract was reproduced with permission from Prof. Fomum

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